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November 2008

Benefits of the Oasis Hybrid Home
Upcoming Topics that Will Be Featured
Our Planet, Our Future


VISION of the Oasis Hybrid Home


Benefits of the Oasis Hybrid Home
by Pouwel Gelderloos

We live just north of Yellowstone National Park, an area where movie stars like Dennis Quaid and others put up trophy homes all the time.  They are typically large, beautiful second homes for those who want to get out of overcrowded cities and back to nature. Trouble is, it takes a lot of big-city energy just to power those homes—which, if you think about it, are all on life support. If the power lines ever go down, those homes are dead—just like every other home in America.

      That’s not just inconvenient; it’s downright dangerous here in Montana where the temperatures can dive to 30 below zero, and the power regularly goes out in a wind storm.

      Funny thing is, those homes—and many others—could be running their energy systems on sources as reliable and abundant as nature itself. They could draw their power from the natural resources all around them.  So, when people want to get back to nature, they could be having that experience in a more powerful way than they ever thought possible, and never pay another energy bill.

      I built the world’s first complete element harvesting house on the market. I call it the “Oasis Hybrid Home.”

      It’s a beautiful, modern home that runs on all the most advanced alternative energy systems, yet is seamlessly tied in to all the conventional hookups of electric, water and gas. I can live on or off the grid as I choose. That makes it possible for me to effortlessly receive major energy savings without restricting my energy use or compromising my abundant life. And if anything ever happens to the power grid—problems at the power plant, natural disaster, soaring energy prices, you name it—my home will continue to effortlessly harvest everything it needs (heat, electricity, water, and more) to run strong and healthy.

      You may enjoy seeing our new video, Vision of the Oasis Hybrid Home, that provides a good introduction. Building the Oasis slide show presents an overview of the building process.


Some Upcoming Ideas
That You May Learn More About

      This newsletter is the first of a regular monthly publication I’ll be sending you if you sign up. In upcoming issues, I will tell you things like:

  • How you can build your own Oasis Hybrid House and achieve your own energy freedom

  • How to pick a lot when building a new house

  • How to align yourself with nature when you build in different climates, whether hot or cold, wet or dry and so on

  • How to convert your existing home (or elements of it) to an energy oasis hybrid

  • How we can improve our approach to home building

  • Tips on how to be more energy efficient

  • My insights on developing trends that will affect your energy future

  • And answers to relevant questions from readers

     If you would like to sign up for this monthly newsletter, please provide me with your email. If you are planning a construction project and have questions that just won’t wait, please see our services page for more information.


Our Planet, Our Future
by Marie Antoinette Kelley

      My painting, which I called Our Planet, Our Future, is meant to inspire people to care for our planet as we do for our little ones—since each will inherit the other.  As parents, we are hardwired to heed the cries of our children.  We haven’t always been that sensitive to addressing the problems facing our planet.  Now, our planet needs help, and needs it quickly.

      Pouwel and Miriam inspire me tremendously with their vision of living in harmony with nature.  They try to help by living without a carbon footprint, using replenish-able resources that still allow them to enjoy the quality and comforts of a modern home.  The way they live, nurtured by the elements, wind, water and sun, inspired and supported by our planet, without putting a strain on her in return—that’s the kind of home I’m dreaming of for my children.

      I hope you get involved.  Even if you cannot yet build a magnificent home like theirs, take on an issue, any issue, that’s bothering our planet today and begin to make a difference on that point.  Let’s try to build a better home, so that future generations will not inherit our troubles, but a legacy of love.

 This painting is available as a greeting card at www.portraitsofthesoul.com.


Ask A Question

      In upcoming issues, Pouwel will access his 30+ years of experience to answer questions that concern our readers. We encourage you to E-Mail your questions now.



Pouwel Smiling
Pouwel Gelderloos, Designer,
Builder and Founder
of Oasis Hybrid Homes.com




Aerial View of the Oasis Hybrid Home
Aerial View of Oasis Hybrid Home





Indoor Atrium and greenhouse
Oasis Hybrid Home Sunroon
with Indoor Garden




Sweet Pea Festival Winner
Our Planet, Our Future
by Marie Antoinette Kelly
1st Place Winner of the Sweet Pea
Festival Art Show, Bozeman, MT



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