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Barrier Edge Restraint is the perfect product for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers to create a permanent barrier between different landscape materials.  It is easy to install and gives professional results which also makes it a good choice for contractors.

It can be used as a landscape edging or paver edge restraint.  Convenient, single piece design can be used for straight runs, sweeping curves or tight bends.  Barrier is reusable – if the design changes, simply reinstall!  It comes in 6’ 8” pieces with a 2” back wall height and 2 7/8” wide base.


  • Flexible design can be used in straight lines, curves and tight bends
  • Helps secure paver bricks & prevents pavers from moving horizontally
  • Open Base design allows grass roots to help anchor edging in place
  • Barrier™ is invisible after installation


  • Ideal for creating a professional edge to your planting beds and gardens
  • Perfect solution for building tree rings
  • Creates permanent barrier between different landscape materials
  • Holds landscape fabric and weed barriers firmly in place

Barrier comes in 6’ 8” lengths and has a back wall height of 2” and is designed to be used around gardens or with pavers/natural stone from 2” - 3⅛” thick.


The first name in hardscape edging.



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